Shawne Morgan (right) and her colleague and friend Monique Pryor (left) shared in a once in a lifetime opportunity as they competed on CBS' The Amazing Race 16  for the chance to win a million dollars!


Shawne Morgan

Helping Others Reach Their Goals...

The Benefits of Working From Home

Shawne had no idea she and her husband would be blessed with the business of their dreams. This business has given them the opportunity to build wealth from home and FREEDOM.
Freedom to set their own schedules, participate in activities with their children and travel the world, all while earning residual  monthly income.  Their goal is to continue to enhance the lives of others seeking better health and financial freedom. 


Shawne was recently selected out of thousands to compete in a race around the world and a chance to win $1 million on CBS' hit show the Amazing Race.  Shawne's love for travel and natural vibe of "daring to be different" landed her on the show. She credits her supportive husband, two adorable children, family and their residual income from their home-based business that enabled her to fulfill this once in a lifetime global adventure. Although she didn't win a $1 million on the Race, the experience has been priceless.
"It was truly a blessing!"

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